Learn About What It Takes To Succeed At Such A Young Age

Mike D' Antonio talks about his daily routines, his challenges along the way, and his goals for the future. "This guy has started his own company. Figured out the stock market - has a team of employees.. oh and he’s still in High school!"

- The Dan & Kris Adventure Podcast

I Want To Enhance The Company Through Education

"StockedUp, described on its website as "a rapidly growing stock market education and algorithmic trading company." D'Antonio is the founder and CEO of StockedUp, a company he created at age 15 after taking a deep dive into the stock market first as an eighth grader at Century Junior High School in Orland Park."

- Tim Moran, Patch Staff

Mike D' Antonio Talks About His Secret To Success

Learn how Mike started his company and what sparked his success. "Mike D’Antonio isn’t in college yet, but he already has his own university. D’Antonio is the CEO of StockedUp, a company he started after becoming interested in the stock markets."

- Matt Bubala, WGN Radio

Stoked Up About His StockedUp Business

"StockedUp is a company that offers educational courses for people who want to learn about the business and successful strategies for trading stocks and options, as well as an algorithm for people who already trade stocks and just want a quality tool to help with the analysis of them."

- Lee Cruz, The Orland Park Prairie Daily

Mike Discusses Areas For Opportunity On Social Media

"You have so many options on social media... you can connect with people all over the world! I'm 17 years old and I have people from 80 different countries following me, that is not possible 20 years ago! And there's no excuse because everything is free... there's such a big opportunity and you have nothing to lose so just go for it! You can build relationships with people that you've never even met in real life."

- Colin Morgan, The Daily Grind Podcast

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