Custom Coded Stock Trading Algorithms

About Our Custom Trading Algorithms

Our stock market algorithms take several months to develop and backtest. Each stock trading algorithm has a specified task, whether it finds support and resistance lines, finds the best stocks to straddle, or finds the best risk/reward setups in the options market. Regardless, our software does mundane trading tasks completely automatically for you. Some of our stock market algorithms have spiked interest from international hedge funds.

Our Software Will Send You The Best Stocks To Buy Completely Automatically.

Custom Coded Stock Trading Algorithms

The Straddle software finds the best options to straddle every week. There have been over 100 picks in 2019 so far, and only 3 of the picks lost. The best part is that this software is completely FREE! 

statistical modeling 

Statistical modeling is our most famous package. The Statistical Modeling software looks through the entire options market every single day, finds the best options setups, and sends them to you completely automatically. 

Custom stock trading algorithm

This software uses a proprietary formula to find the best levels to buy and sell every stock. You'll see these levels on any stock completely automatically.